Peer-reviewed papers

The BBI Seed Grant Program has supported research placed in peer-reviewed journals across a variety of disciplines, such as:

• Applied Physics Letters

“Wireless current sensing by near field induction from a spin transfer torque nano-oscillator”
Ramaswamy, Algarin, Weinberg, Chen, Krivorotov, Katine, Shapiro, Waks

• Biomedical Optics Express

"Long-term Brillouin imaging of live cells with reduced absorption-mediated damage at 660nm wavelength”
Nikolic, Scarcelli

• Cell

“Light affects mood through a novel retina-brain circuit”
Fernandez, Fogerson, Ospri, Thomsen, Layne, Severin, Singer, Kirkwood, Zhao, Berson, Hattar

• Ear and Hearing

“Age-Related Differences in the Processing of Temporal Envelope and Spectral Cues in a Speech Segment”
Goupell, Gaskins, Shader, Walter, Anderson, Gordon-Salant

• Frontiers in Neural Circuits

“Particle Tracking Facilitates Real Time Capable Motion Correction in 2D or 3D Two-Photon Imaging of Neuronal Activity”
Aghayee, Winkowski, Bowen, Marshall, Harrington, Kanold, Losert

• IEEE Magnetics Letters

“Activation of Microwave Signals in Nanoscale Magnetic Tunnel Junctions by Neuronal Action Potentials”
Algarin, Ramaswamy, Venuti, Swierzbinski, Baker-McKee, Weinberg, Chen, Krivorotov, Katine, Herberholz, Araneda, Shapiro, Waks

• Journal of the Acoustical Society of America

“Strain differences in hearing in song canaries"
Brown, Brittan-Powell, Dooling, Fishbein, Ball, Madison

• Journal of Neuroscience

“Implicit memory for complex sounds in higher auditory cortex of the ferret”
Lu, Liu, Zan, David, Fritz, Shamma

• Neuroimage

“Brain dynamics and temporal trajectories during task and naturalistic processing”
Venkatesh, Jaja, Pessoa

• Neuroimage

“Comparing Functional Connectivity Matrices: A Geometry-Aware Approach applied to Participant Identification”
Venkatesh, Jaja, Pessoa

• Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society

“Sound sequences in birdsong: How much do birds really care?”
Fishbein, Idsardi, Ball, Dooling

• Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

“Extracting neuronal functional network dynamics via Granger causality analysis”
Sheikhattar, Miran, Liu, Fritz, Shamma, Kanold, Babadi


FY19 Seed Grant Awardees

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